About Behavior Bee, LLC

Behavior Bee, LLC is a Sacramento based provider of ABA services. It is owned and operated by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Servicing Sacramento and Yolo county regions!

Behavior Bee’s mission is to deliver high quality, individualized ABA services that is driven by compassion, dedication, and family support.

ABA Services

At Behavior Bee, LLC, we believe in helping each individual reach their TRUE potential by fostering independence and helping to decrease any barriers that may get in the way of learning. Your concerns are our priority. Each program is individualized and designed with your family in mind. ABA therapy can help increase deficits in communication, socialization, and play skills. It can also help address behavioral excesses such as tantrum behaviors, self injurious behaviors, self stimulatory behaviors, etc.

At Behavior Bee, LLC we specialize in NET (natural environment teaching) and play based therapy. All therapy is conducted in the child’s natural environment and their motivation is used to teach new skills and replacement behaviors. Therapy is meant to be FUN and MOTIVATING for the child, not aversive. Skills across 8 different domains are assessed and taught depending on the deficits in each area. The 8 different domains include: social, motor, language, adaptive, play, executive function, cognition, and academic. An experienced therapist will also work along with parents and caregivers to teach them the skills they need to generalize the child’s progress across different settings and people.

ABA Services offered include:

  • Comprehensive Functional Behavior Assessments
  • 1:1 in-home ABA therapy (delivered by BCBA)
  • Parent trainings
  • Consultation

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